Katherine Inderbitzen

Katherine Inderbitzen – Physical Science Coordinator

Katie is a Postdoctoral Researcher studying subsurface fluid circulation in submarine hydrothermal systems.  Her recent projects include evaluating the hydrothermal circulation model generated for Middle Valley, a sedimented rift on the Juan de Fuca Ridge (a region she also studied during her Ph.D. research).  She goes to sea regularly and has used many deep sea vehicles to collect data (ROV Jason, AUV Sentry, etc.), and also has made 7 dives in the human-occupied Alvin submersible!  In addition to her postdoc work, she assists with the maintenance of subseafloor observatory systems on the Juan de Fuca Ridge flank and is analyzing the geology and mineralization history of deep sea basaltic outcrops off the western coast of Costa Rica.  When she’s not being an awesome scientist, Katie enjoys hiking, camping, karaoke, and is also a seamstress and Master-level competitive costumer.  Katie was a 1998 delegate to the NYSCamp from New Hampshire and was on Staph in 1999 and 2002.