Presenters are the wonderful people who volunteer their time back to the newest generation of National Youth Science Camp (NYSCamp) delegates. They are professors, mentors, inventors, and leaders of nearly every variety. Many, (though not all) are NYSCamp alumni, but they all generously share their expertise and knowledge with the delegation to the NYSCamp. They provide knowledge, insights and life lessons whether lecturing, leading a directed study (hands-on focused activities), a seminar or sharing a meal or throwing frisbee with the delegates.

Dr. Rick Walker Dr. Mac Louthan Dr. Pam Twigg David Masunaga
Dr. David Hackleman Jeff Gilbert Steven Blasberg Dr. Sheila Stevens
Dr. Vladi Chaloupka Dr. Paul Miller Dr. Alyson Wilson Dr. Julie Robinson
Dr. Karla-Luise Herpoldt Dr. Tom Fleming Woody McCallum Dr. Charles Clevenger
Dr. Earl Scime Dr. Ricardo Valerdi Diane Miller Dr. Elijah Goodwin
Dr. Walter Stromquist Dr. Nate Cady Shiva Rajagopal Dr. Maria Hamilton
Dr. Rebecca Linger Dr. Jerry Gilbert Nick Ohi Dr. Bryon Petersen
Jim Kirksey Ryan Haupt Emily Holmes Peter Mulvey