Typical Daily Schedule

***Please note that this is only a typical daily schedule and not the actual schedule for the 2017 NYSC, though each day can very based on events and activities.  

7:00 AM — Rise and Shine

7:10 – Morning activities with Staph (meet on the Green)

8:15 — Assemble for Morning Show on the Green

8:20 — Morning Show

8:30 — Breakfast in the Laura Dill Dining Hall

9:15 — Lecture: Language in the Mind and the Brain by Dr. Justin Fitzpatrick

What is a language? How are languages acquired? What can language tell us about how the mind works? In this lecture we will ask these questions (among others), and maybe even answer some of them.

10:45 – 12:00 N — Directed Study Block I

  • Renewable Energy: Technology, Myths, and Realities with Mr. Jeff Gilbert
  • Entrepreneurship from the Campus with Mr. Greg Pitter
  • Ink-Jet Cartridge Sustainability Analysis with Dr. David Hackleman
  • Origami and Mathematics with Dr. Tom Fleming
  • Germs and Emergencies…the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Drs. Ross Bryan and Kate Speake
  • Practical Statistics with Dr. Alyson Wilson
  • Technology vs. Humanity with Dr. Greg Wilson
  • Big Science: Science Politics, and Space Exploration with Dr. Julie Robinson
  • Invention, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship with Ms. Marilyn Low
  • The Great Outdoors with NYSC Outdoor Staph

12:30 PM – Lunch in the Laura Dill Dining Hall

1:45 – First Seminar Block

  • Duct Tape Wallets – with Amber
  • What Do Sensor Networks, Genes, and Facebook Have in Common – with Eduardo
  • Intermediate Finger-style Guitar – with Eli
  • Camp Nature Walk at the Stream – with Alyssa
  • Life as a Pharmacist – with Erin Welch

3:15 — Second Seminar Block

  • You can learn Magic – with John
  • What Math is in the Rubik’s Cube? – with Eduardo
  • Juggling – with Kathleen
  • Learn Sign Language – with Rob
  • Inventions – with Dr. Dave Hackleman

3:15 – 4:30 — Comp Sci is Open

4:00 – 5:00 — Camp Store is Open

4:00 – 4:45 — Ladies Choir Rehearsal

4:45 — Outdoor Orientation

6:00 — Dinner in the Laura Dill dining Hall

7:00 — Outdoor Trip Lottery

8:00 — Lecture: Statistics and Big Science by Dr. Alyson Wilson (Associate Professor, Iowa State University

Statistical methods are used to find patterns in complex data and enable researchers to get the most out of their experiments. Dr. Wilson will use examples from her own work as a researcher to show how statistics and applied math advance the scientific enterprise.

9:15 — Outdoor Trip Meetings

9:30 — Snacks on the Porch of the Laura Dill Dining Hall

10:00 — Prepare for Cabin Meeting

10:30 — Cabin Meeting

11:00 — Lights Out