Andrew Winnicki

Andrew Winnicki

State/Country:  Hawaii
Hometown:  Honolulu
High School:  Punahou School
College Plans:  Harvard University
Major:  Undecided
Professional Plans:  Undecided
Interests:  Camping, Hiking, Movies, Traveling, Sports, Reading, Photography, Video games, Music, Surfing, TV Series
Activities:   Church Activities, Orchestra, Cross Country, Judo, Paddling, Hula, Ukulele, Science Research, French Club, Go Club
Honors:  Graduating with honors, National Merit Finalist, National Merit Semifinalist Siemens Science Competition Regional Finalist 2016, Science Bowl Regional Champion Team 2017

Press Release

Twins Attend Prestigious National STEM Program – National Youth Science Camp

CHARLESTON, WV – July 2017 – John and Andrew Winnicki, graduates of Punahou High School represented Hawaii at the National Youth Science Camp. The Winnicki brothers, twins, joined 108 other delegates from 50 states and eight countries in the prestigious annual STEM program.  The National Youth Science Camp, located in the Monongahela National Forest near Green Bank, West Virginia, integrates engaging and thought provoking STEM presentations and hands-on activities with adventurous outdoor experiences and performing and applied arts.

Each year, graduating high school seniors with high achievements in STEM fields are selected from the 50 states, Washington, D.C. and eight countries, to attend the National Youth Science Camp.  For almost a month, delegates attend lectures by science industry leaders, engineers, and researchers, but also experience the beauty of the West Virginia outdoors through backpacking, caving, mountain biking and rock climbing.

These future STEM leaders are selected on merit, based on their achievements, with the program provided to them at no cost, including travel, removing any financial barriers for attendance. Delegates also have the opportunity to gain individual hands on experience in STEM fields. The impact is profound and lifelong, according to Science Camp alumni, staff and presenters.

John Winnicki shared, “At camp, I learned how to live in the moment. Oftentimes we fail to appreciate the beautiful yet simple things in life. In camp, we never knew what was going to happen the next day, and we never had a schedule. This was freeing.” Then, Andrew Winnicki explained, “I think that NYSC is important for making the science community more robust. Bringing together students from diverse backgrounds and exposing them to many new experiences will broaden their interests.”

The National Youth Science Camp is operated by the National Youth Science Foundation. To apply for the National Youth Science Camp, go to To learn more about the programs and work of the National Youth Science Foundation, please visit

John Winnicki plans to attend Cornell University in the fall. Andrew Winnicki plans to attend Harvard University this fall.


Contact Information
John P. Giroir, Director, National Youth Science Camp – 304-205-9724 x94

National Youth Science Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 3387
Charleston, WV 25333-3387