Farewell to the NYSCamp 2017 Delegates

July 8 – All too early in the morning, delegates began to board aircraft at Yeager Airport in Charleston, West Virginia to make their trek back home.

What can be said about this day is that many hugs were given and many tears shed at the realization that just a mere three and a half weeks ago these same delegates were just arriving in the Mountain State of West Virginia  to experience what over 50 other classes of delegates had been a part of before, over the last half-century, since the very first National Youth Science Camp in 1963. As many delegates described it, West Virginia has become their second home and the NYSCamp has far exceeded their expectations.

For a brief moment in time, students, staff, presenters and guests from all corners of the United States and countries in the Western Hemisphere, joined together in at a rustic little outdoor camp in West Virginia to share big ideas and show how a community of strangers can become a close family with the underlying concept of furthering Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics in the world.

Third Overnighter

July 6 – Delegates and Staff ventured out for one final outdoor adventure the day after celebrating the Fourth of July, National Youth Science Camp style. At “Always Sunny” Camp Pocahontas, the groups were greeted with rain to depart Camp and start their trips into the wilderness. By the late afternoon the rains subsided and allowed for a nice evening and next day. Here are some of the images from all the outdoor adventures.

Caving (Spelunking) with Michael Stark and Amelia Franklin was a popular adventure that many delegates experienced for the first time at NYSCamp. The NYSCamp benefits from the fact that a number of non-commercial caves are available to access not far from Science Camp.

Climbing was also met with significant interest by the delegates. It is hard to describe the experience of the challenge of rock climbing and the sense of accomplishment to get to the top and enjoy an amazingly beautiful West Virginia vista.


The delegates pack in their food and prepare it, another part of the full camping experience.

Delegate Seminars

June 30 – Today was an opportunity for the delegates of the National Youth Science Camp to present on topics and skills through seminars covering a variety of subjects. Some topics more formal discussions and others just a lot of fun.

Learn to Cube was one taught by Mr. Kieffer Gilman-Strickland and Mr. Joey Li. There was not only the standard Rubic’s Cubes available for students to work on and solve, but also a number of variations to the popular puzzle.


Mr. Caleb Noble helped show how “Anyone Can Cook”. What he didn’t mention is that they also got to help clean the dishes.


Ms. Nora Koe also shared how to use and do tricks with the Chinese Yo-Yo.


Intro to Volleyball with Ms. Monica Elavthri garnered some new volleyball players to the Lower Field.