Second Overnighter

June 24th & June 25th – Delegates geared up for their second overnight camping adventure, and half of the delegation had the privilege of experiencing the adrenaline rush of whitewater kayaking. Those who attended different overnighters still got incredible exposure to West Virginia’s rugged beauty, whether it be the roaring water fall at the campsite of the High Falls hike, or the lush lookouts on top of the via ferrata-style mountain climbing, all the way down to the quiet and contemplative caverns and tunnels of the caving program.

“I was excited to give kayaking a try; this was my first time,” said Kevin Zhao, a Connecticut delegate, “I wanted to try new things, and I knew it would be a lot of fun. I wasn’t wrong.”

The overnighters allow delegates to not only explore the wilderness, but to also find deeper connections with their fellow students and with themselves. Within the hectic intensity of day-to-day activities at Camp Pocahontas, it’s often hard to find time to reflect and decompress. The outdoor adventures, while physically demanding, are the perfect place to mentally relax and refocus in preparation for the next few days back at camp.


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