Greenbank OCE

July 26th – Delegates of the National Youth Science Camp (NYSC) began preparations for their trip to our nation’s capitol this morning. In Washington DC, students will participate in a wide variety of events ranging from tours of national museums to a luncheon with senators in the Kennedy Caucus room.

In addition, many delegates were excited to participate or spectate another slew of exciting ultimate Frisbee games. After lunch, campers boarded busses and headed out to the Green Bank Observatory to take a tour of the facilities, including the world’s largest fully steerable telescope.

The morning lecture, presented by Dr. Ricardo Valerdi, was on the science of baseball, with topics ranging from the physics of ball trajectory to the statistical analysis that teams go through to rank and select players. After dinner, Mr. Jim Kirksey presented a lecture on carbon capture and sequestration, which is a process to reduce carbon dioxide in the air by capturing it and storing it underground. Kirksey talked about the benefits and drawbacks of the process, as well as the roadblocks we face in our fight against climate change.

Many delegates are excited to spend the next few days in Washington DC, which will be a sharp change of scenery from the mountainous beauty of West Virginia. The out of camp experience (OCE) will introduce them to new challenges and help them grow and connect at a deeper level.

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