Back to Directed Studies After First Overnighter

June 21st – After the first overnighter it was back to business (or rather science) as usual. Delegates woke at 7am to the Rhododendron Song. They attended lectures, seminars, and directed studies with meals cooked in between by our illustrious chef Susie. This day also included some casual ultimate frisbee to warm-up for an upcoming tournament.

The morning lecture was given by Dr. Chuck Clevenger, professor and chair at Virginia Commonwealth University. He spoke about combating cancer with a deeper understanding of oncogenic processes at the genetic and cellular levels. With enhanced models of these processes cancer biologists can identify the “Achilles heel” of each cancer type and develop new therapeutic targets or even repurpose old drugs.

In preparation for the ultimate frisbee tournament, delegates played a game of disk after dinner on the lower field. They grouped into various teams like the Polypropylene Pros and the Stos Mens.

Seminars and directed studies Wednesday ranged from robotics to bacterial nanotechnology to computer music and even self defense. Dr. David Hackleman (pictured above), led a seminar on amateur radio. He also gave the evening lecture on Inventing; Dr. Hackleman was part of the team that invented the Thermal Ink-Jet printer and hopes to help delegates realize their own capabilities.

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