Final day of second directed study block

June 23rd – Friday was the final day of a three day set of directed studies. Seminars this day included karaoke, preparing for college, leadership, and a nature walk.

Each day begins with circling up on the green at 8:15 for a morning radio show. Flag raising, after the morning show, was conducted by delegates from Trinidad and Tobago, Ricardo, Saif, and Cheziah to the national anthem of Trinidad.

Brian, whose birthday was today, taught fellow delegates a fun form of multiplayer chess in the Rec Hall during afternoon free time.

Nick Ohi’s directed study on Robotics finished today. Delegates competed to remote control their robots to pick up rubber balls. The robot with the most balls placed in a target goal won.

During afternoon free time some delegates enjoy playing soccer on the green. Many come from competitive high school teams and intend to continue through college.

The day ended with a lecture on gravitational waves by Dr. Maria and Dr. Tim Hamilton. Pictured above is a miniature interferometer. Tim demonstrates how it splits a laser, bounces the split beams off two equally spaced mirrors, then recombines them to show interference if there are any waves that would cause the mirrors to wobble. He asked one delegate in the back of the room to stomp the ground and we saw the interferometer detect the vibration, just like how full scale interferometers have detected real gravitational waves in the past year.

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