NYSC Center Overnight

June 19th & 20th – All NYSC delegates had the opportunity to spend a night outside camp via activities such as backpacking, biking, climbing, and caving. Activities were structured such that delegates led themselves with occasional guidance from staph; they followed maps with only a compass, prepared meals, and explored their surroundings.

One group of delegates spent the night at the new NYSC Center which will eventually be the new location of NYSC. Behind the center runs the Blackwater River. Delegates conducted a water quality test, strained the water looking for life, and studied the anatomy of crawdads.

Link: Arduino Music Video

Inside the center delegates operated a Mojo 3D Printer to create plastic frogs for one another. They also engineered creative projects with Arduinos. One group played Smash Mouth over an Arduino speaker and had the pitches of the music correspond with a row of LEDs (see video link above).

On the return trip, the group stopped at WV’s gorgeous Blackwater Falls to see the 62ft waterfall with rainbows reflected in its mist. Delegates from all trips returned safely to Camp Pocahontas just in time for dinner and an evening lecture on cyber security by Ms. Diane Miller.

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