Next Day of the Second Directed Study Block

June 22nd Delegates entered their second day of the second directed study block, enjoying more seminars, lectures, and the rugged beauty of Camp Pocahontas. In the morning, campers heard from Dr. Mac Louthan on “Why Things Fall Apart”, both in engineering situations and in life. His sharp humor put delegates in a good mood as they made their way to their directed study blocks.

“Math is ubiquitous,” said Idaho delegate Henry Zhang of the ‘Combinatorial Games’ directed study, “Even in simple games, there are strategies to see into the future or write the game in your favor.”

Seminars ranged from learning Spanish and Japanese to improvisation games to making duct tape wallets, and they helped the students unwind after an intense morning. Additionally, the second game of the ultimate Frisbee tournament saw team Rutabaga face off against team All Hail Jordan Perry.

The evening lecture featured a glimpse into the process of inventing with Dr. David Hackleman. This lecture comfortably rounded out the day with humor and solid advice, as well as interesting bits of insider knowledge about different inventions throughout the year.

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