Second Full Day at Camp Pocohantas

June 17thDelegates entered their second day in West Virginia’s Camp Pocahontas. Directed studies delved deeper into their subject areas, and many students began hands-on experiments after being introduced to their areas of study yesterday.

A variety of seminars ranging from Latin dancing to logic problems and crayon melting helped delegates unwind or work their brain in creative and new ways.

“Acquiring different skills and knowledge gives the students access to new perspectives and the tools to analyze and understand them,” said Lenin Silva Gutierrez, the Logistics and Operations Assistant, “After exhaustive reflection, the student is capable of developing valuable perspective, reflection, and communication skills.”

In addition, delegates attended a lecture about how the human body reacts to the microgravity of the space station from Dr. Julie Robinson, the Chief Scientist of the International Space Station, as well as a lecture about innovative ways to heal spinal fractures using balloons from Dr. Sheila Stevens.

Many delegates took their late night snack to one of the lower fields, where they laughed and swapped stories as lights from the fireflies danced above them.

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