Preparing for First Overnight Expedition

June 18th– The third full day at Camp Pocahontas saw delegates finish up their first directed study block. With their first major camp event behind them, delegates will begin preparing for their first overnight expedition, whether it is hiking, climbing, caving, or biking. Many here are looking forward to getting more in touch with nature.

“I’m excited about the scenery for sure, and I like exercise a lot,” said Jack Arnes, a delegate from Nebraska, “The quiet will be nice too; being out in nature gives you a long time to think.”

Additionally, Ultimate Frisbee teams have started to form and many delegates are excited to test their strength, speed, and skill in glorious competition. Ultimate Frisbee is the de facto camp sport, and a large number of the students have been practicing a variety of throws both for the competition and for their own enjoyment.

Lectures today were presented by Dr. Karla-Luise Herpoldt and Dr. Alyson Wilson. Dr. Herpoldt gave the delegates sage advice for their college and post college lives while discussing her own undergraduate and graduate experience as well as her innovative research in vaccines.

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