First Day in Camp

The first day in camp delegates were busy having fun and learning. Throughout the morning and afternoon there were sports, music, lectures, seminars, and directed studies conducted by guest speakers and staph. Topics ranged from solar to disk golf to tiny house design to music composition and even architecting tabletop RPGs.

The first lecture at Camp Pocahontas was given by Shiva Rajagopal, a Lord of the Rings fan and firmware developer at Fitbit. His lecture, titled “Things on the Internet,” covered the evolution of the internet-of-things (IOT). Many of our devices are small & portable and transmitting data via wifi and bluetooth to a cloud of servers. Shiva had an interactive demonstration of encrypting this data stream with many lord of the rings references.

Dr. Katie Inderbitzen held a directed study on scientific drilling of the ocean floor to study Earth’s ancient history. Delegates made observations of seafloor samples to infer a sequence of dramatic events in the past.

Underwater basket weaving was hosted in the art shack by Ms Karla-Louis Herpoldt and Katie Howell. After crafting the baskets delegates had the option to paint them as well.

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